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Subject: Overweight and medical examination
I am quite big person (yet healthy), and the physician who was responsible of my medical examination warned me that CIC might ask for further medical checks because I am overweight person. Did this happen to any one before?

How does CIC decide if further check up is required or not? Will they make their decision on the physician comments/recommendation, or they study my medical report and decide upon?

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CIC will only ask if there is something wrong with your health. Possbly the DMP knows that your sugar levels are high enough to warrant more tests to see if you are a diabetic.


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I am over 150lbs over weight (350 plus) not diabetic or any other issues.... i was not asked to redo the meidicals. Hope this helps and hope it will make you feel better specially if you are less than 150 lbs over weight. See there is some one more over weight than you.... LOL :)
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