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Subject: visitor visa extension options
  Hi All,

I work in the United States and came to Canada on a visitors visa in Dec´ 2006 to get my US based work visa stamped at a US Consulate in Canada. Unfortunately, my case was sent for furthur processing. I have been waiting in Canada since then to get my case approved. Its taking a long while, but I know that my case will be approved. Its just a matter of time.

I used up the first six months of my visitors visa and then applied for a 3 month extension which was approved. But I needed more time and have applied for another 3 months of extension. I have my job in the US and have every intention to return as soon as my case is done processing.

Now I am afraid that my second extension wont be approved. I have abided by all the rules of a visitors visa till date. I have never worked nor studied nor done anything but just sit at home waiting.

In case my second extension doesnt get approved, is there anything I can do from my end to be able to stay here legally? Is there anything I can do even before I hear about my second extension decision? I want to stay here since my case is under processing with a US Consulate in Canada.

Can I apply to a school here and just transfer my visa to a student visa? Is that possible? How easy/difficult is that? will I have to step out of the country for that? Is there any other visa I can apply for?

In case my extension is denied, will I have to leave the country the same day or will I get a few days of grace period to book my ticket and pack myself?

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.


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You should have applied for 6 months extension in the first place, however i am very confident that you will get another extension without any problem because you have a genuine reason. Good Luck!
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