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Subject: visitors visa to student visa
  Has anyone looked into or been through the process of switching a visitors visa to a student visa after arrival in Canada?

My sister in law is interested in attending a Masters program here. She has verbal acceptance and support of the supervisor at the university... However:

1. For a student visa she needs a letter of acceptance to the program.
2. For program acceptance, she needs the TOEFL.
3. To pass the TOEFL she needs a bit of preparation and access to a testing centre.
4. Good preparation and testing is available here in Canada at the university she plans to do her Masters at.

If she gets the required score will she be able to switch the visa to study longer without leaving the country again.?



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Hello JP,

Sorry to inform you this but you cannot switch a Visitor´s visa to to Student visa.

You have to return to your home country and apply for a Student´s Visa.

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In the US it is possible. You can change your status to F1 student from tourist if school gives you the admission. However, you have to go to US consulate in your homeland to get it stamped in the PP if you go outside of USA. BUT, as long as you are in the US, you are fine.

Doesn´t Canada have something similar?

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Canada does not have that. If you are on a Visitor´s visa, you have to go back to your own country and apply for a Student´s visa. You can extend a visitor´s visa and a student visa whilst in Canada.

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Hmm, kind a rigid.
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They even warned you about this on the Visitor´s Application Guide that you cannot apply for a Student´s visa whilst on a Visitor´s visa.
And I cannot find an exception anywhere or even a loophole.

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Oh Hey!

Wow there quite a few responses, what an active forum!

I did some digging on my own before coming here again, and I found the answer I was looking for.

Balwant and others, I would refer you to guide - IMM 5552E (09-2007)

It contains information about applying for an initial study permit from inside Canada. On pg 7 it says the following:

"Who may apply for a study permit from within Canada?

The following persons may apply from within Canada:

? Holders of valid work or study permits and their family members;
? Holders of temporary resident permits (TRPs) valid for a minimum of six months and their family members;
? Refugee claimants and persons subject to an unenforceable removal order;
? In-Canada permanent resident applicants and their family members who are members of the following classes, determined eligible for permanent residents (PR) status: live-in caregiver, spouse or common-law partner, protected persons, and humanitarian and compassionate considerations (H&C);
? Persons whose study permits were authorized by a visa office abroad, where the permit was not issued at a port of entry;
? Family members of athletes on a Canadian-based team, media representatives, members of the clergy, or military personnel assigned to Canada. "

So it seems that switching from a TRP to a Study permit is well within the normal range of possibilities.

Thanks anyway for your interest in helping me.


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I am not discouraging you, you can try and see if you can get a Study Permit whilst on a visitor´s visa in Canada.
If you do try, I would be happy if you can inform us on this forum about your results, whether positive or negative, because everyone here wants proper information.

I would also suggest you call up some immigration lawyers who advertised in the local newspapers and get their views.
you do not have to pay them.

I had a client who had a 2 year multiple visitor´s visa and was allowed in the country for 6 months at Pearson Int. Airport, she applied on her own for a Student Visa and was rejected although she was admitted to a school and had lots on money to upkeep her.
She approached me for an appeal but I advised her to return to her country and apply from there, she did that and was successful.
This happened in May 2006, I will have to check if there are any changes to the Regulations.

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