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Subject: Lets do what we do best!
  Hi everyone,
How about getting back to what we do? Lets answer some questions, lets ask some questions, lets wish some goodluck, lets congratulate someone, and lets go on....
Hope everyone is doing great? Many of us are waiting. I am waiting to decide....oh well.
This is a great forum. Many people that come here do so because they need support, hope and answers. We all appreciate the help of the professionals who come here and enlighten us with the knowledge they have. Thank you all. Please keep up the good work.
I will invite people to please give us their timelines. This invitation is open to people who just applied and to those who have already succeeded and are in Canada. This will keep us focused on what we are here to do. Please give full details including where the application is filed, which category, so on and so forth.
Help me decide... hopefully!!
Gotta go take care of my kiddo´s. Everyone have a great night. Be happy and safe. Enjoy.


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SW Buffalo filed: Nov 2004
AOR: Mar 2005
Transfer Detroit: Jan 2006
IA: May 2006
Medicals done: May 2006
PP request Aug 2006
Visa: Aug 2006
Landed: Sep. 2006
PR Card: Oct 2006

No interview
Nationality: American

Seemed to take forever, but worth it.

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I agree.
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As new posts are made, old post get shoved back in the queue, so hard to keep track. I suggest using the following site to track cases, where they can be checked anytime (and, no I am not associated with the site):


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webmaster is trying to solve this for us.
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THanX for the site address. I guess not many people apply for the business type stuff. N e ways goodluck to everyone.
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