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Subject: Where should I get hitched?
  I´m in a sticky situation. My fiance and I have been living together in China for a year and we were planning to get married in Ghana in February 2008 and live there while we waited for the immigration stuff to go through. Trouble is, I just found out that I´m pregnant, so I´m not keen on going to a place where I´d have to face problems with Malaria and Yellow Fever etc. while pregnant. We can´t get married here in China because neither of us is a Chinese citizen.

Some have suggested that we go to Ghana for a week and get married there, which would mean I go home without him and he probably wouldn´t get his permanent residency in time to be there when the baby is born (or even until the baby is like two years old - knowing Canadian immigration) Others have suggested that I go to Canada and invite him over to get married and apply from within. I have a friend who did this, but I´m worried that he won´t be able to prove that he´ll go back after. Then I would be stuck with no marriage and all alone with the baby.

Oh, and he has to go home first no matter what because of visa issues.

Any advice?

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You may be ignorant of certain Laws in China!!! I know of clients of mine who neither where from China and they got married in China.

They were from two different countries that have had hostilities for years and years, If the China would allow them to marry there is no logical reason they would refuse the two of you. Any marriage recognized in any country would be recognized by CIC!!!!

I assume that both of you have been admitted to China for at least a year so regulation 11 would cover a apousal sponsorship through Beijing or Hong Kong. Far faster processing times then ACCRA.

If your relationship is genuine and being pregnant proves little he should be processed within three months TOTAL. Remember to prove your relationship very well. Of course you would have to return to Canada on or before he arrives.

I would suggest moving to Alberta to give birth because of residency requirements in any other province will mean your not covered by your provincial health insurance plan. Cost of giving birth can range from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 depending on factors. If you have complications that estimate will go through the roof. The baby will be covered the second it is born.

I will be in appeals and hearings all day Monday but will ask my clients to pass on information on what procedures the two of them went through to get married in China.

I hope this answer puts a smile on your face.


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PLUS if you have been living together in China for a year as your post claims you can submit under common law as well even when you the Canadian is not residing in Canada.


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