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Subject: Arrrst in Buffalo
  I need some help and advice. The U.S. Bureau of Diplomatic Security arrested me at the Buffalo border last month when I tried to enter the U.S. They were assisted by the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Seemed to be a joint task unit working with the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency. I am now back in Mumbai and seek information on how to proceed. I want to return to Canada but the Canadian consulate here refuses my phone calls and does not reply to my letters. The U.S. Consulate is even worse.I was deported to India within 2 days. All they said to me was that my papers were not in order.

Distraught Indian Citizen
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From the info. you gave it is very hard to comment anything. Most important point that you missed; what were your status in the US? Are u a Canadian PR? What was the reason for the arrest?

Sorry to say, it looks like you were deported. I don´t see your future arrival in the US very very slim.

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He did not give details of his situation. Is he a PR? or is he on a TRV? He will definitely have to get a lawyer in Canada to represrnty him.

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Looks like you are neither a Canadian PR or a US GC holder.

If both the above are true, you must restart the whole process to come to Canada. ( Apply as student or Visit or Immigration or or or)

Almost Perfect!!
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or, he was in Canada with an expired TV and attempted to cross into the US without proper documents at which point, the US does not want him and niether did Canada.

Lots of missing information so any scenario is a possiblity. US officials do not take kindly to people crossing the border without proper documents.

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It is not just US Govt., no countries in the world welcome any alien without proper documentation unless claiming refugee. This is not question of kindness or ruthness, just mainatining their laws & protecting their country.
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