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Subject: How long.....exactly?
OKAY I found a post on this forum from the beginning of this year stating that now it is only taking a few months for quebec cases to be processed. Is that true? The processing time on the website for entrepreneurs for quebec is n e where from 12-60 months. Does that include the selection time as well? (without an exploratory visit) If not then how long does the selection part take? I will be applying from the US so I guess from Buffalo. Please reply.

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I totally understand what you are trying to do, but it is never going to happen that way.

You want your outcomes and answers and timelines in advance. Every case is different and any timeline posted on CIC is historic rather than forward predicting.

There is nothing exact or predictable about CIC-the sooner you can let go of that idea the less frustrated you will be.

If we can help, we are happy to but predicting CIC is not something we are able to do.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Sharon I am trying to figure out if there is a seperate wait period for the selection part or is that part over real quick. Even if I believe my case might take 60 months or more for federal processing is there a seperate "long" wait for quebec. In other words... if Quebec selection takes long plus the federal will I be better of to just apply for the federal entrepreneur?
According to experience and the website which will be faster Quebec or federal entrepreneur?
I understand some case might take longer than normal and some take a whole lot less than normal, that I guess would be individual luck ;-)
No one can predict that except God himself.

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