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  Is it possible to go to canada with a visitors permit then apply for jobs and if successfull get a work permit? I work in tv as an editor and would love to live n canada for a few years. I am from the UK and it seems the only way is to apply for Permanent resident visa which can take a couple years. I´d like to go sooner, like next summer. Any advice? Also are there differences as far as Quebec and Ontarion for work visas? Cheers!
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Yes and No

If you come to Canada and find an employer that is willing to seek out a Labour Market Opinion you have to apply back home. Regulation 11

The application can be done by mail but you will still have to leave Canada and come back in. Like across a bridge and turn right around.

I have two employers that will gladly hire construction workers but have been burned to many times. They advertise and pay for the LMO to have the worker show up and unable to do the tasks assigned. Those two employers require the worker to enter Canada show them that they can do the work then the process begins.

Most things depend on the country from which your from and if the additional TRV would be required.


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Cheers Roy!

Having done a bit more research, it seems like I could get a one year BUNAC work visa then as soon as Im there apply from within for the skilled worker permenent residence visa and I should recieve it before my year is up. Is this correct?

If so, any advice on what kind of paperwork and preparations I should prepare before I leave, so I dont have all the hassles of trying to get stuff from UK while in canada?(eg. birth certificate, police check).

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