I give UP!!!!!!!!!

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Subject: I give UP!!!!!!!!!
  Dear friends,

I am exhausted,:(((((((

My situation is like this:
3 Bachelors Degree 20 points
5 years of working experience 21 points
29 years old 10 points
nothing else
My English is Good, but how do I know that I will get 16 points!!!!

I am searching and and searching searching and searching and searching and searching and searching and searching
I cant get more than 67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no relatives, I have no JOB OFFER

SO I am almost giving UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am ready to pay 5000$ for a job offer..... to some lawyers
I have been searching Provincial Nominee Programs
CIC encourage people that are inside CANADA, studying working.....


Does anyone knows any recruitments company that offers you a job

I am a member of this forum for more than 1.5 years

I am ready to immigrate as a PNP, in ALBERTA, SASKATCHEWAN,NOVA SCOTIA etc


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Take IELTS and score atleast 7 in all sections and you will get 16 points for English.
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If you are confident of your command on the English language, then take IELTS and score well (Over 7 bands in each section). This will ensure you get 16 points in language ability.
Almost Perfect!!
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Thanks a lot
but what if I dont get
or If I get 15 points


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I think you should take your IELTS. First, get your hands on some test materials and prepare for it, don´t be over confident (we know your english is good, but you will be surprised) and getting a band 7 in each is not that hard, if you have done some homework.
That should make it 67 for you. Good luck.

If it doesn´t ??? ok, do you plan to study more in the next few years ? Or do you plan to get married in the next few years etc, it might change your scenario. I would not advice getting married just to increase the points, but I´m just saying that if you see that in the near future then maybe you can get 4-10 points out of that. Why are you in a real hurry to immigrate ? Anyway, ace the IELTS and you should be good.

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Thanks Raj for your help

You are saying that IELTS is not so hard, as soon as I submit my files to CIC I will start learning IELTS day and night, and I am thinking of starting learning some french as well.

By the way I am married I have 2 kids, but my wife has only 12 years of total education....\

Thanks RAJ

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Raj has given you good advice. Go to Amazon.com and look for the IELTS Book by Barrons, it is an excellent self study book with lots or Practice exams including the Listening Module on CD.
You can supplement this with the Model Answers from Cambridge University, they are all on sale at Amazon.com.

Believe me, if you study these books that I recommend, you will ace the IELTS Test and you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars in tuition fees.
All my students used these materials and none has ever failed their IELTS Test.
You can master all these materials in just two months with an approximate study time of 2 hours per day.


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Hey Speedoflight

Do as Balwant is saying and everything will be fine. Have confidence and follow what Balwant has suggested and IELTS General Training test will be a piece of cake for you

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If you do not get the required marks you can do a re -test...
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Relax! Follow previous advice, IELTS will be easy for you.

Barron´s book are good, I also used them when I teach languages to my students!

Take it easy and you will be in Canada faster than the speed of light! :)