Issued rejected and now what ?

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Subject: Issued rejected and now what ?
  i want to apply for F1 visa for U.S . i had in 1999 but due to emergency i had to come bak to my country pakistan and couldnt complete it but now i want to continue my study after my MBA recently from pakistan so what are the chances of getting F1 again ?

but a few months back i applied for B1 visa which got rejected coz i didnt mentioned that i ever went to U.S so wat should i do now ? can i mention this time .....

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Very sorry to say, the rejection cause for your B-1 was very ominous, they interpreted that you tried to hide soemthing from them which you shouldn´t have done. That´ll be in their file for life time and whenever you´ll apply for visa they´ll see that.

I don´t see any way to recitfy that, you may apply as usual and just hope for the best.

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Only way to try is to speak the truth when you apply and apologise(only if asked) for hiding the facts before. If you find a relentful officer, you have better chances.
Almost Perfect!!
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and silly me thought this was a CANADIAN immigration board
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thanx DC and Almost perfect and yah its canadian board but they are helpin everyone who have a question so u think its bad ......but they r doing great job. Thanx guys
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