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Subject: Reg: Passport submission
  Hi Friends,
As per request from Canadian High Commission, New Delhi for my passport,I submitted my passport on 5th of November´04. It has been more than 6 weeks, but still I am waiting for my passport with PR visa. Anybody can tell me how much time will it take?

Secondly, I received the decision in July´04. my interview was waived and asked for my medical and landing fees. I gone through that and finally they asked for my passport. I tried to use e-client to get information about my application. It shows ´In Process´. I was amazed to see that. Any comment on that???

Your help would be highly appriciated.

Thank you

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Hey you have waited so long its just in WEEKS now so wait have patience dear!!! In no time it will be in your mail box. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey you are better off waiting in India for a weeks or even months. This is deep freeze winter time in Canada. You might freeze your butt and begin to wonder if you should call it quits and go back to India, if you come to Canada right now. Take your time.... and learn random facts about Canada... and think what made you dump your own country, and such....
american refuse
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