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Subject: urgent help!!
the bank sent a letter to me telling me that they well take me to court for not paying my debts.... can this affect my H&C APPLICATION. THANX

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bank from where? are you claiming bankruptcy?
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its TD BANK( lost money in business). no i am not claiming but if i claim is it a problem?
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Roy will likely be the only one that has an answer- I can´t find anything on Google.

so we have the story right - you are currently in Canada but not a PR or citizen. Visitor? Work permit or illegal?

borrowed money from a Canadian bank that you can´t pay back.

You would like to remain in Canada.

do I have it right? Regardless of what Roy tells you about H&C... the ramifications for a loan default are ugly. I would do everything I could to negotiate a way to repay your debts.

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The issue your referring to is establishment in Canada based on the Humanitarian and Compassionate manuals found in In Land Processing Manuals IP5 section 11.2

There has been recent Federal court decisions that state the establishment has to be started before you have a removal order. An order that was conditional that has not become efective would basically not count.

A couple who came into Canada and the husband got a big rig drivers license and started his own trucking business while the wife started her nurseing courses prior to being found not convention refugees would be complying with the establishment procedures.



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