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Subject: What number are you in line?
India: 167,754 British: 16,238 Iraq: 9,378 Nigeria: 7,640
Philippines: 71,386 Korea: 14,087 Lebanon: 9,326 Afghanistan: 6,948
China: 62,490 Bangladesh: 13,340 Sri Lanka: 9,026 USA: 6,312
Pakistan: 53,196 Egypt: 13,041 Morocco: 8,769 Russia: 5,240
Iran: 27,596 Jordan: 10,577 Taiwan: 7,757 Ukraine: 4,518
Israel: 3,737 Sudan: 2,721 South Africa: 2,399 Mauritius: 2,060
Algeria: 3,683 Congo: 2,659 Somalia: 2,283 Venezuela: 1,953
Jamaica: 2,987 Germany: 2,477 Indonesia: 2,113 France: 1,942
Singapore: 2,947 Nepal: 2,445 Mexico: 2,111 Turkey: 1,847
Romania: 2,930 Palestinian: 2,401 Haiti: 2,080 Eritrea: 1,745
Peru: 1,735 Brazil: 1,541 Cuba: 1,278 Cameroon: 996
Kenya: 1,673 Ghana: 1,496 Trinidad: 1,169 El Salvador: 925
Vietnam: 1,631 Guyana: 1,372 Netherlands: 1,134 Saudi Arabia: 919
Malaysia: 1,557 Poland: 1,352 Australia: 1,111 Ecuador: 918
Hong Kong SAR: 1,546 Bulgaria: 1,310 Japan: 1,013 Thailand: 872


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Where´s Vienna?

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Well Speedoflight you must be the only one in line in Vienna! LOL

They were too slow to respond to their bosses, who knows but what about the numbers?


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Roy, thanks for the backlog numbers by country. Any idea on the number of SW visas available per year for each of the countries? I´m from Malaysia with a population of 25 million. How many SW visas would be allocated?
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Thanks for the info.

I have a question that will sound very silly: in fact I don´t understand those numbers by country.

# 1 Are they the total number of applicants by country who have applied for PR outside Canada ?

# 2 Do they include all categories of applicants ?

# 3 you said "from overseas", does it include US-based applicants ?

# 4 Does that mean that someone from India will wait longer than someone from Japan ? Is it like a back log ?

Thanks for answers. Sorry if it sounds stupid I really don´t understand those numbers and where they come from.

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I´m always curious about the motivations of the USA applicants (6,312). Other than for family/sponsor reasons, many would consider this unusual, as the expectation is it would be the other way around.
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I can tell out of this no. is not US citizens or GC holders then most are with Back up plan, or like no hope of getting GC.

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Think so, DC? Maybe some as backup plan for GC. But there´s got to be many who would really prefer Canada. Wonder how these numbers break down.
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Richard, you are right there maybe some US Citizens who really want to go to Canada, but when you said it has to be the other way around, we need to look at Canadian citizens that are in the US on TN visa (Thanks to Nafta) and I know some who have been here for quite a few years. If that is > 6k, then you should have your answer.
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I have an old spreadsheet that shows target processing for 2005. I have no idea where it came from or how valid it is. Interesting that Buffalo did not report.

Based on what I recall,

#1 -these numbers would represent primary applicants only - not family that would accompany them.

#2 - a country such as India would be processing 11,300 economic applications and 9,200 non-economic. Based on that estimate, there are 8 years of applicants in the Queue - if there are spousal applicantions within that 8 years... they move to the top of the list. Paris has 2005 quota of 11,700 and I notice that there is only 1,900 applicants carried over. Hard to imagine that it is close to target in and out on an annual basis when the embassy site still says 33 - 62 months on their website.

CBV... yes it means someone from India will wait longer than someone from Japan.

These are the economic targets I have for 2005. I don´t think quotas will have shifted around that much as our annual intake is pretty much the same.

Africa & Middle East 12880 total
Abidjan - 350
Accra-RPC -520
Damascus-RPC* -5500
Pretoria -760
Rabat -1500
Tel Aviv -1600

Asia & Pacific -54400 total
Beijing -7400
Hong Kong -15500
Islamabad -3600
Kuala Lumpur-200
Manila-RPC -7300
New Delhi -11350
Seoul -4500
Sydney Australia -750
Taipei -600

Europe -39600 total
Ankara -760
Berlin -2800
Bucharest -6200
Kiev -900
Moscow -2800
Paris-RPC -10200
Rome -1200
Vienna-RPC -1300
Warsaw -840

Americas -31620
Bogota -1200
Buenos Aires -1200
Havana -150
Kingston Jamaica -550
Mexico City-850
Port of Spain-780
Sao Paulo-490
Not assigned-0


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DC, remember these are also spousal applications. Americans do marry Canadians and often decide to live in Canada. They can aslo be gay and lesbian couples who are tired of waiting to be treated like regular citizens, or they are like the people down the street from me that wanted a different lifestyle than what they had in San Fransisco.

they are all Back up plan and Black people??? - wow, that is really quite a statement!