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Subject: Your Advice Please!
  I have already submitted all documents (original Passport, Bank Statment) along with Right of Permanent Residence Fee on September 27, 2007 and now I am waiting to get my visa.
But suprisingly, I have received a letter from the high commission requesting me to submit the application form (schedule I) which I have submitted twice before.
I am not clear with the reason why they asked me to do so again and again after everything has been in order . Moreover, it would have been better if they had specified which part of the application form I re-submitted does not reflect the information they need. I am so worried and can anyone comment on this?

Thanks, Binyam

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can u specify timeline of ur application please.
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Probably, they lost your previous submission or your two submissions were different from each other which may have resulted in some confusion or they just needed updated information. If you have the copies then compare both and see. This would provide some relief to you.
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