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Subject: CBV333, need ur advise please
  the reason i am really worried is because, canadian visa office in england had rejected me twice for visiting visa to visit my wife in canada.
but lawyer confirmed that it has no connection.
moreover i was rejected to uk as well earlier(long time ago)but i currently reside in ireland on a valid student visa.
is there any connection?
thank u people

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What nationality are you? What is your wife´s status in Canada? What are the reasons given for refusal of your visitor visa applications? I need the info to answer your question. There may be some kind of connection for the two refusals, but it´s unclear...
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Visitor visa refusal should not have much impact on PR application as long as the refusal was not due to the following reasons:

1. Misrepresenation
2. Criminal record
3. Medical condition (communicable diseases)
4. Other inadmissibility due to your backgroud (leader of Al-Qaida, khmer rouge)

I do not know your case but have tried to outline some reasons which can affect both visitor visa and PR application.

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thanks for ur reply
no i did not have any of the above reasons for visiting refusal, the reason they gave was i do not have enough family ties to return back to ireland.
sorry in this thread i did not mention that i have already got my passport request and rprf request.
its just that i have submitted the passport and it has been 3 weeks and no answer yet. that got me worried?
thank you very much again for ur replies

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I never heard an embassy or consulate who asked for passport after payings the RPRF and then reject the case.

You said you have completed all and was asked for passport ... this is for VISA STAMPING.

They said 3 weeks ? well count the delivery time + some bank holidays .. whatever, contact lawyer and it will be there in no time.

Having a visitor visa rejected in the past has no connection with your PR application, once you are approved, if there is any issue they will ask for an interview not a passport.

So wait and see.

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thnx cbv333
ur replies are a great help.
i will post my timeline after stamping if it is any help to the thread.

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