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Subject: Question about temp resident permit
  My husband´s permit expires December 1st. We re-applied "at least 30 days in advance" as we were told, but we still haven´t heard anything back and I´m starting to get freaked out. I´m starting to think I may have messed up his application. I keep hearing that you need to indicate that you don´t intend to stay in Canada...but he is immigrating, of course he intends to stay. We haven´t sent in any paperwork yet (I´d love to try to pull a thousand bucks out of my ass, but it seems like a tricky venture), only the medical results have been sent to Ottawa. We´re hoping that will be enough. We spoke to an agent from the call centre and he said it´s completely reasonable that the app would go through, even without the paperwork, but I keep getting all these conflicting messages. :( I worry about this literally every minute of every day...and it´s really getting down to the wire. Could somebody offer some insight, please?
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First Kate what kind of temporary resident permit?

Regardless of those types if you applied he will have implied status until refused if not approved!

If your HUSBAND is a visitor from the states your application to sponsor him should be done through the states. On the schedule one the most recent address should be one in the states.

If he is on a work permit that requires a LMO you swhould be seeking a two year work permit.


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It´s just a regular visitor permit, but we were told he could apply from Canada and there are seperate forms on the CIC website to do so. He has no place to go in the States.
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So is he an American????

Whether or not he has a place to stay they do not care and is not an issue to sponsor a husband. Income is not an issue for you but you and he would save months if done outside the country.


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