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Subject: Education, Experience and NOC
  Hi to All,


I have following education:
1) 2-Years,DCS, Diploma in computer Science 2) BSc Statistics 3)MSc Mathematics (University Degree, core subjects related to industrial mathematics including Numerical Analysis, Game Theory,Data Structure ,C++ etc) and more than five international certification on J2EE (java) platform.

can i show 16 years of education? how much points i will get in education segment? since my master does not include major subjects of computer science but my overall experience is on Computer Technology then should i apply on the basis of diploma or master?

I worked as:
1) Programmer /Analyst Programmer, NOC ???
2) Development Team Lead , NOC ???
3) Java Development Manager, NOC ???
4) Development Manager & Software Architect, NOC ???

As i have to mention my employment history on immigration form could anyone help me identifying NOC codes?


Could anyone reply about it (in reply to: Education, Experience and NOC)
Please reply to my queries.


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