File Application with Less then 67 Point??

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Subject: File Application with Less then 67 Point??
  Hello Fellas,
I calculated my points 53 according to criteria mention on cic without ielts and need 14 more points to get 67. I have 15 years education, 3 ? years of experience, age 26 years. Now my question is should I file my application with these fewer points, prepare for ielts 7 band, achieve it and send it later with other documents or I have to linger on until I will have exact 67 point???

Your positive response will be appreciated

Best Regards,

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I have to score 7 in all the bands of IELTS (not 7 total score).

Since everything depends on your IELTS score, I recommend that you secure the required IELTS score before you proceed.

Filing the application, paying the fees, collecting all the documents (police clearance,..etc) and then failing to score on IELTS means failure in everything.

Study hard for IELTS and take it ASAP and see how much u score and then decide from there.

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I would suggest you put your application in right now. Also, as a part of your application, write a letter and try to convince them that your English is good enough for 16 points.
Once that is taken care of, you should receive the AOR in 1-3 months. As soon as you receive that (or even before if you can) take the IELTS test and have the results ready to be sent with the other docs asked by them.
If you ask me the IELTS is optional as sometimes they ask for it and sometimes they don´t, and there is nothing to lose if you take it and they don´t ask you for the test scores, thats what happened to me.

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Dear Doctor/Raj,

Thanks for your suggestions. Mr. doctor, your concern is absolutely right but in my country, average time to process application is almost 3 years so i would have enough time to achieve these remaining 14 points either by ielts only or by ielts+french. As i mention earlier that i have 3 ? year of work experience that giving me 19 points but after 6 months i will have 21 points and then total remaining points will be 12. One of my friends told me that if you did ielts today and embassy person called you after 3 years that time your ielts would have expired and you would have to attempt it again, What you say? Sir, Need your comments?

Tell me one thing more, is there a rule from cic that i must have 67 points at the time of application?

Waiting for your positive response.

Best Regards

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Still Waiting..........
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are you applying through Buffalo or elsewhere.

Buffalo, you are required to fill out the full application and supply supporting documents. That includes IELTS score. You CAN attempt the proficiency route but remember, CIC is not obliged to request an IELTS score. However if you say you have 16 points- we are fairly convinced around here that tests are requested. This later date scenario will add time to your processing - so take your chances and expect delays.

If you are applying elsewhere - you claim your proficiency on the short form application and provide the score when requested along with your other documents. I am not sure how they view a discrepancy in points.

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