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Subject: Visa expired
If my US visa (student) is expired, what status should I white in the application and should I sent a copy of my expired visa or should I send a copy of my valid tourist visa?

Mario Filho
visa (in reply to: Visa expired)
Write in the application the truth to every question as they will verrify anyhow.

If your visa has expired and you are on overstay, for example, student, then write F-1 overstay.

From our experience, they do not care what your immigration status is in another country.


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That´s not true. I was told by Buffalo that if I did not have legal status in the US I could not apply from here. I am also on F-1. I forgot to sent them my I-20 although my passport had a 5 year F1 on it, they send back my application and asked specifically for an I20 and I94.
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Oh you are right...

Point of clarification, my partner is on overstay and I am an American and the principal applicant. He is a commonlaw partner on my main application so you are right in that regard.

Sorry to confuse people.


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