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Subject: temporary work permit expired PR still in process
  Hi there,
I am a French citizen but i have been in Canada for 3 years now ( 1 year for studies in commerce, and 2.5 years with a temporary work permit through the youth agreement). I applied in october 2006 for PR in Buffalo as i was residing in Canada. I received a letter letting me know that they received my application.
However, my working visa expired and was not renewable and had to go back to France to maintain my legal status and not compromise my application. I returned in Canada as a visitor and am waiting for a sign from immigration. I feel like all my application is on standby since i don´t have a job right now in canada and my financial status changed ...
Has anyone else had the same experience and know approximately when i could receive an answer from Buffalo?
thanks for your answers!

temporary work permit expired PR still in process posting (in reply to: temporary work permit expired PR still in process)

The average processing time for the Buffalo office is approximately 2 years for Skilled Worker application.

Regarding to the change in your status (financial and other), you are required to meet the requirement (i.e. 67 points), as you will be landed in Canada for permanent resident status. The change in your current status may or may not, affect the points you will have as you will enter Canada for P.R. status. However, I do not have enough information to assess your situation at the moment.

Willy (Ka Shun) Cheng,
Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant
ChengCosgrove Immigration Services

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