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Subject: original passport expires
  I am Hiren holding Indian passport having PR status in canada. My Indian passport is going to expire in June 2008. I am visiting India this month. I am coming back to canada after 2 months. Do I have any problem while come back in canada with the passport having less than 6 month validity. Or if I have to get a new passport, Can I renew it in India ? Please help me.
Hiren Shah
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As long as it is valid, you can enter Canada even at the last day. It is upto you to decide for the renewal in India, Canada doesn´t have any rules.

Only airlines need you to have a valid passport.

If you don´t get out of Canada then it doesn´t matter if the PP is expired. It has nothing to do with immigration Canada. I got my citizenship with expired passport.

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hi Departed_Canadian
can someone apply for PR with expired passport? provided that he/she will have a valid one at the time the visa is issued.

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thank you very much DC.

Hiren Shah
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