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Subject: auto insurance rates in Ontario
  I am trying to calculate costs of living. About how much does it cost per year to insure a late model car in Ontario?

It is not financed, so I could get by with liability and comprehensive insurance if that is allowable. Also, is there any opportunity for self insurance (if net worth could cover a set amount of damages)?

Thanks for your input.

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I don´t think there is anything like self insurance.

Rates are very high, depends on your license, if have G2 then have to guess around 300-350$/month min´m. If have G then it may be reduced bu 50$ a month. If by any chance have any records in the driving history..then be God with you.

Try with TD Insurance, I heard that all banks are not getting into insurance and giving good rates.

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If you are moving from the states you will find auto insuranse in ontario ridiculously high. I paid 175 $ for six months in Indiana, now I pay the same amount in a month here in Ontario. It is very expensive to drive here. Well rates depend on a host of factors like age, experience and above all any derogatory items on the driving record. But no matter how you look at it, insurance is bad here.
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I went from $230/yr in Illinois to $998/yr in Ontario for one vehicle. This is without collision and comprehensive coverage in a rural area of Ontario.

One reason rates are so high compared to U.S. is that Ontario and most other provinces require much higher liability coverage, by law. Toronto and other big cities, tack on another 50%.

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Hi Guys,

Right now I´m with Canadian Union. I have a Toyota Yaris 2007, bought it in 2006 and I´m paying around $650/year full coverage insurance. The only exception, I leave in Quebec and I work for Canadian Government in Ottawa.
Because of that I got a small discount, in another hand because I commute to Ottawa(Ontario) then they charge me bit more. but at the end I got the rate I like.

I contacted the brokers( and they find melower rate with Canadian Union. Not too bad. Maybe for the one who leaves in ontario, he will pay $200 or $300 more, not sure.

Hope it helps.



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