Medical exam unreliable

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Subject: Medical exam unreliable
  Dear reader

Be aware for your medical exam.

It drives me crazy.

My file is in Baffulo, I am full time employed in toronto since 2004.

Doctor who did my medical examination said, result was mailed on Septemter 1,2007 to Ottawa. But she could not provide any tracking number.

I called Ottawa office, and they said my medical result has not been recieved.

So, now its 123 days since that doctor has sent my result to Ottawa. There is no record anywhere. E-cas says nothing.

My question is, Can anyone help me where is my medical exam result? Where do I call now?

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Hi, we did our medicals on Nov. And our DMP said our medicals is forwarded to ottawa on Nov-22. Our E-cas hasnt changed yet. Iam not sure If I could call ottawa office? can I call ottawa office.

Our DMP also gave us confirmation number for our medicals.

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Normally it takes six weeks to get medical results posted and it has been Christmas. To Brian I suggest you contact your DMP and ask for proof and since your in Canada call the 1-888-242-2100 number and ask how to properly file a complaint regarding your DMP. Push (2) then (1) I assume then (0) then (2) it will save time listening to the silly voice prompt message.

All of the DMP even in Canada do this type of work as a Business and possibly he/she needs to be taught that the customer is always right.


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Hi, Can I call ottawa office regarding my medical result.. Could you please give me phone number for ottawa office..


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Dear Ramya

Ottowa number is this: 1-888-242-2100.

Do not rely on you confirmation number. DMP can give you someone´s tracking number because sender´s(DMP) address is the same for all applicants.

I hope it helps you. AS for me, I don´t know what to do.


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Hi Brain,
thanks for the phone number. I emailed buffalo they told me to contact DMP whether the medicals have been sent.

please help me confirm the result of medical exam (in reply to: Medical exam unreliable)
dear sir,
please help me confirm the result of medical exam for me.

I have waited for it since october. 2007

I was tested on 2007/07/23 in Calgary

the track number says that F GAREAU in Ottawa received my

document for my medical exam on 2007/08/20 09:34

(track a package number: 0350982000277427)

I really need it right now. please make time for me

thanks a lot

Jong yul Choi
e-cas checking procedure (in reply to: Medical exam unreliable)
Ramya, can u please let know the procedure
to check status on e-cas,.
i have submitted my Medicals in Dec 07.

medical exam - the same story (in reply to: Medical exam unreliable)
Hi All,

My story is very similar to Brian?s one. I did my medical exam on Oct. 4, 2007 and my DMP claims he sent everything by courier service to Ottawa on Oct. 26, 2007. I called few days ago Ottawa (the same number 1-888-242-2100) and they told me that they do not have any record about my medical report. They said they will run an internal investigation to find out what is going on.

I believe that the doctor did a good job and I also doubt the package was lost in mail. In my opinion something strange is going on in Ottawa. Maybe is simply a huge delay. Not sure.

I hope someone knows what to do in this situation. I invite them to speak up. It is deeply appreciated by all of us.

Best wishes,


They received medical for me but not for my wife (in reply to: Medical exam unreliable)
I did medical exam for me and my wife on 14th Dec 2007 in NY and as per dr´s office they sent to Ottawa on 21st dec 2007. I waited almost 3 month and then I sent a email to LA immigration center and I got replied back that they received my medical reports but not for my wife. I confirmed with dr´s office again and reply back saying that we both submitted our medical reports at same time in same envelope. After 2 weeks I got reply back from LA immigration that they dont have any report in ottawa office for my wife, they sent me another medical form for my wife and told me to submit her medical records within 60 days.
Then I contact dr´s office and they contacted to ottawa office but they also received same answer that ottawa office never received my wife´s report. DR told me that he still have all reports which they sent to ottawa so I just need to send dr´s office new medical form and 2 passport side photo..

Let´s see when I will receive final response from immigration.

Need London Medical Office Phone number (in reply to: Medical exam unreliable)
Does anyone have the phone number for the Medical Assessment in London, UK? My DMP sent the file Aug 3rd for my adopted baby and I am waiting in Kazakhstan for this to be approved so I can enter Canada. Nobody seems to be able to help me to tell me there the approval is at??? Thanks!