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Subject: exclude spouse (cont.)
Thanks Roy. was actually waiting your opinion.

I am on an open permit only...my PR status relies with my family. Me and my husband are separated for 8 years, but not legally. I was soaked to work for my kids´ future. I included my husband (call me I-D-I-O-T/ M-A-R-T-Y-R) in the application for another chance of his good life. I just cant fight with him or argue rascally as he might put hold on my kids custody. (though how i wanted to punch him to death which i know a person in my shoes will understand me and might do the worst thing). I know its personal, but i didnt know anything in regards his infidelity. (i mean, he is really at fault if divorce is pursued here). (fate as we call it maybe).

i really dont know where to start again now. been waiting for years to be with my kids. i have no idea what are the best steps in this case.

My kids are living with my sister for 8 years now.

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i am not landed yet as im waiting for them to move also (for medicals and clearances)..

my kids are waiting for their father to sign and submit some papers required for their sponsorship.

before deciding to include him in the application, he agreed he will comply with all the requirements. but he kind of changed his mind, assuming first that i am including him so we ca live altogether here in canada, leaving his new girl, (whom he has a daughter).

but thats totally crazy if i reconcile and live with him...i just want my kids, and he can start here in canada for a better life, (chance im giving him).

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I am now confused.

how can you sponsor them if you are not landed, and how does your PR status reside with your family.

your information is not making sense.

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