confused about PR approval timeline PLS help

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Subject: confused about PR approval timeline PLS help
  Hi, i came to canada on jan 24,2000 and my step father recieved PR approval on 2004 ...he sponsored us after 3 weeks after his step father had some issues and got into some problems at work place and had a criminal charge ....until last year there was no improvement of the case until my parents tried to get a hold of the MP and tired to find out about the case process . few months later we recieved a letter to fill up the immigration form, passport, photos, finger print and few other documents den after dat we got a letter for medical report since our old one was expried ...but the last letter was a bit weired ... dey asked for court documents from my step father which i am not sure if dey do ask for during any case...and if dey do how long do dey take to give the pr approval letter...plz let me know..i am very worried about dis now..i have been suffering for a long time for dis..
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