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Subject: Fishing fighter et all
  dear Fishing Fighter, needs help, Advisor, hoper, ibarif (did I miss anyone?)

not sure what your problem is, and not sure if you are another incarnation of Balwant but we will eventually figure it out. We always do.

for someone that claims he is new around the forum you sure have a lot of pent up hostility towards Roy and myself - which I find very interesting. Your word patterns, sniping and choice of vocabulary are all to familiar.

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I wondered about his comments and posted replies to some of his comments but been real busy the last two weeks over the Holidays in the Office and at home. How come this stuff surfaces every so often?

See I never check off that little box to get replies so I rarely check back after posting a reply.



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Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. I got my new Vocabulary from you guys.

At the beginning, I was replying politely and clarifying my point of you, I though the Basic English I use it is enough for both of you guys. But I realize that you are doing it in purpose replaying with to all people with use of the work ´Folks´ your favorite one. And the point you even don?t try to apologize to people. What arrogant you are.
I did read lots of replies and the only ones who are bad wording are your guys. For the ones who are saying that they are immigration consultant. You don?t know how to speak to Canadian, How you would know how to speak to foreign people. My problem, still you don?t know what it is. Wake up! I?m talking about freedom to express our point of view not suggesting Roy or Sharon for any of immigration question.

Ah ah ah, you make me laughing Roy. By the way, I have question for you guys? Who is Sharon? Is he Roy who is changing his IP address and the name to show that there is some one who is supporting him? Or he works together with Roy to fish around. Because it is almost impossible in democratic country to find someone like Sharon who never disagree with Roy in 5 years of replies. Guys, talk to you tomorrow, because I don`t want full time job in my weekends.

Fishing Fighter
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hey Roy... how come you are not watching the hockey game??

FF, I prefer ´folks´ to ´you guys´. shoot me.

the who is Sharon line reminds me of Sutar.

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I only watch IIHF hockey or Olympic Hockey. I was in the office serving my clients while listening to the game.

I grew up in Barrie during the original NHL and knew every single players name and position on all the teams. The local Barrie team was the Toronto Maple Leafs farm team at that time.

Then expansion happened and the Leafs farm team with all the future great Leafs was sold to the LA Kings by Harold Ballard. MONEY ISSUE!

Since then the Leafs have won so many Stanely cups and played in so many Championship games that I grew tired of them winning all the time.

So Sharon do I think like FF? Yup I live in a dream world too.

See it is okay for FF to give the wrong advice to destroy someones future plans but not okay to correct him/her because they have freedom of speech. FF go to the Ballet for the first time in your life and stand up in the middle of the performance and scream FIRE!!!! The tell the Judge you have freedom of speech. See what the Judge will say about your freedom of speech to hurt others.

By the way I have only two IP addresses one from the office and one from the home. I do not hang out in seedy Internet Cafes.


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Now, I know what your preferences are: bad vocabulary to make people running form this forum and at the end make it your private propriety. Why don?t you create a forum in you Web site and restrict access to everyone, you are, also an excellent IT expert who know every single thing.

Again Roy/Sharon( because in democratic country it is almost impossible to find 2 different persons who never disagree at no point), you make me laughing, ah ah ah ah ah ah. Because you don?t think that you are expert in, only, immigration matters but you also think that you are a super expert in IT.

Even, a simple computer user wouldn´t make this kind of mistakes ´I do not hang out in seedy Internet Cafe´, a simple computer user would know how to play with his internet connection. What a joke you are. You do not impress me but you are SCARING ME.

By the way, when saying ??WE WILL EVENTUALLY FIGURE IT OUT. WE ALWAYS DO?. You now it is really SCARING ME and I?m sure it is TERIFYING the readers. Why do you want to know WHERE I LIVE, and what is my full name (if male or female).

I don?t think that you want to know my address to come here and apologize to me, because you can always do it through this forum.

Do you know that threatening people and harassing them are both illegal here in Canada? I?ll definitely ask my neighbours to keep all eyes open. Hopefully I have police officers in my neighbourhood, in case, we never know who are we talking to.

The more I read your replies the more I understand that is always good to not take any chance with people like you.

Another important thing, what do you call a dangerous advice? When you say ´?.he has no clue what he is saying and his advice is dangerous.´ In the thread of [04-01-2008,19:22]

Are you considering the following paragraph in the same thread, a dangerous advice?

`?yummy, please visit and contact by email CIC Officer, they will be more than glad to tell you how to process in your case. I believe, there is no need at this point to hire an immigration consultant.?

Are you saying that referring people to CIC Web site=Citizenship and Immigration Canada and advising them to contact CIC Officers for any of the questions is DANGEROUS? Why are you considering CIC a bad and dangerous referral? Roy/Sharon the one who is spreading dangerous ideas and trying to make this forum his own forum is you.

If I was you, I?ll definitely apologize to all CIC employees through this forum because they are working very hard to make Canada a country of liberty, tolerance,Equality ?.

Whenever, I get a moment, I`ll copy and paste in the other forums the thread ?where you qualify referral to Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web site? a dangerous advice. Please visit that link to learn how people can share their thoughts

To all readers if they need a free consultation with immigration consultant please find the following link

Fishing Fighter(I'm realy scared)
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trolls are easy to spot and why would anyone go to the trouble of changing IP addresses if they are not attempting to hide or cover their tracks.

your democracy rant and personal attack on Roy and myself is a virtual carbon copy of our dear friend Balwant who caused nothing but trouble here a few months back. Nothing much to say but lots of noise.

I am waiting for you to shift into the racism rant soon. that is generally next.

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what is your affiliation with
(in reply to: Fishing fighter et all) is Colin R. Singer site and he claims he is a Lawyer not a Consultant.
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