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Subject: Moving to Atalantic Canada! ..some advice please
  Hello all,

After recent visits, with plenty of scouting about and a very positive recommendation from our uncle, a PR for 20 years. My wife and I have decided completely to give up the rat run in the UK and move to East Canada (we love South NS and North NB). I qualify for skilled worker application and can see many jobs available within IT support that i am qualified for, we have 67 points at the least and enough equity to find a nice home. We are in our late twenties and already dream of the quiet life with lots of pets and kids, beatiful scenes and clean air. Thank you for reading my intro :)

I am considering applying for jobs very soon to gain a work permit. I intend to bring my wife and pack with me of course and rent a place in Canada whilst we rent out our home in the UK. Canada House (the immigration office in the London, UK) were unable to provide us with any advice with regard to the best way to go about the whole move and unfortunately the answers they could only provide to us were just the factual statements from the immigration web site.

I can only apply for a 2 year work permit, Does anyone have experince of how much this would put off prospective employers?

Considering that the work permit is only for 2 years and the average waiting time for PR application processing is 2 years also should we apply for PR as soon as possible from the UK or apply to Buffalo when in Canada?

We would love to sell up in the UK and buy a home in Canada immediatley after landing but this seems far to risky as we would drop so far down the property ladder in the uk (if not completely off it) if we had to return. I also love my dogs dearly and hopefully my wife will be carrying before then, if not for the second time! I therefore need to reduce the need of moving back and forth from the UK as much as possible.

Security is difficult to achieve in the short term when moving to a new country of course. I´m hoping someone can help us feel a little more confident that we´re not taking unnecessary risks.

Thank you again, we appreciate your time reading and replying. Cheers


Mr and Mrs Thompson
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You have already gotten some factual facts from Canada House, but let me start there. According to the CIC site, historical processing timeline (Oct 06 to Sep 07) for London is 31 to 38 months, where as for Buffalo is 17 to 28 months ( Is I would assume, you applying from Buffalo would be better. It would also be better for sending paperwork and information to them while you are in Canada, as it maybe quicker to get to Buffalo then to London from Canada. Also, if you are called for an interview, it might be easier to pop down to Buffalo from Canada than to London.

Having said that, I am assuming you donít intent to move to Canada until you have a job. How long you reckon it would take you to get a job? If you are going to get a job fairly quickly, I might want to wait and apply in Buffalo. If itís going to take a few months, then you may want to consider applying in London, so you can get in the queue. The timeline difference between London and Buffalo is about a year (i.e. it would take a year longer in London). So, if you think it might take you about that long to get a job in Canada, it really is a wash where you apply. Of course, if you think it would take you longer than a year to get a job, you most probably are better off applying to London.

Also, keep in mind that if you have a job in Canada, chances are that your application would be process faster (I know London would, not sure about Buffalo).

You didnít mentioned which province you are considering moving to. You may also want to look at Provincial Nomination Program. They are usually faster then the Federal program (

You may also want to check out the British Expat forum (, lots of helpful people who are in the processing of migrating or already have.

And lastly keep an eye on Trackitt ( To track how others are progressing in their application. Not an official timeline site, but may give you a good indication. Look at couple of applicants who have received PR within 6 months, because they had a job offer in Canada.

Hope this helps.


Ray Masa
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You got some of your facts incorrect Mr. & Mrs Thompson!

Regarding Property situation go to and search for homes. You will quickly learn that in southern NS or Northern NB you will easily able to afford a Palace.

Then log onto Career Beacon at I think and search the Local Job Market by Province of your choice.

Face facts if your fairly successful in the UK you will also be fairly successful in Canada. Probably more so then others from counttries not so well known. Remember your moving to small town thinking area of Canada.

Everyone will immediately tell you OHHHHH I love your accent!

NB has a fairly strong IT sector but southern NS might be too costly because it is only a short hop by ferry and car to Boston and NYC for shopping trips for Mrs. Thompson.

Southern NS is far better if you enjoy sailing.

Either NS or NB PNP processing times is eight months through London or Buffalo so you could get Landed status while working in Canada on a one year work Permit.

You have done all the research by visiting several times so now as the Canadian Politicians say its time to Fish and stop cutting the bait. Make a decision and believe!



thank you (in reply to: Moving to Atalantic Canada! ..some advice please)
Ray and Roy, thank you very much, not only have you been so quick with your responses, you have both been very informative and helpful in your replies. It brings us great joy that you are taking the time to work these forums willing to help people like us make the biggest decisions of our lives yet.

We are rather care free about which province we initially start off in. I think where we land will be where the best job i can achieve is at.

The cv and cover letters are now cut and loaded on the hook. I will be casting the line this week and i am hoping for several bites and a prosperous catch.

Thanks again, you provide a great service here.

Mr and Mrs Thompson
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