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Subject: What is Client ID?
I´m applying under the Skill Worker category. Just want to ask, what is Client ID? What´s the difference between Client ID and File Number?
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Sorry, to add something, does the Client ID appear after my application (under Skilled Worker category) starts?
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After you submit application form, CIC will send you letter confirming letter saying that they have recieved your application form, there you will find client number start with B........
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Client ID# is an eight digit number that is used for applications in Canada. Sometimes there will be four numbers preceeding the eight and they belong to the actual CIC office that has your application. Client ID# can be found on the upper right hand side of any coorespondence from CBSA or CIC for issues in Canada.

In spousal sponsorships the sponsor will be approved and have a Client ID#. When you receive a PR card your number assigned to you at the Port of Entry will be shown on your PR card bottom left.


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I am trying to creat an e pass account to pay a fee and the web ask me for a client ID number... I´m not canadian and I just want to apply for an extension of visa.
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I am having trouble with the client ID. We are preparing my wifes immigration papers and they require a set of her fingerprints. When we brought the paper in to acquire them we were denied because there was no client ID filed out on the form. How do we get the fingerprints to include in the application if e have to apply in order to get the client ID?
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I´ve been a permanent resident for 30 years and now I need to renew my PR card and have no clue what the client ID is - I don´t recall needing it for my first card 5 years ago. I´ve tried calling the CIC office but their system is down! And of course there is nothing on their web site. Can anyone help me?

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On the front of your PR Card, underneath the "F" denoting your sex you have your client ID number in the format ####-####.



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i currently paid the renewal fees of the permanent resident card for my grand father. In the original receipt of payment, i have to fill up my personal information like name, address, phone number and postal code and in the top right section, it says client Date of birth and Client ID. So my question in that section whether i am suppose to fill out my grand father Client ID and date of birth or not?????


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Hi there,

Please tell me how much time CIO sydney takes to issuse client ID. CIO sydney has charged the fee on my credit card yesterday on 4th June 2010.



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Hi Brian,

I´ve sent out my application for 3 weeks now. The mail should be arrived in their office right now, so how long it will take for CIC to send me a received confirmation?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!