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I am just ready to file my application for skilled worker class. I have 3 and half years experience in IT service providers. I need to know the occupation classification codes that exactly match with my experience. During my career, my job titles were:

System Support Engineer
Network Engineer

Farther tell me, is there points distinction base on these codes or job titles. I will appreciate if get immediate response.

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Try as much as possible to match the job descriptions noted in your experience letters to the NOC code. Sometimes the job title doesn´t match what NOC has so it´s more accurate to look for job descriptions that are identical to your job description. Just go here and you should be able to figure it out:
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Thanks for your reply. Ok tell me how should i fill that part on form. Should i right the exact job title that mention on me experience letter or the best fit that mention on website above? For example, description of title Network Administrator of NOC code 2281 is same as me actual job title Network engineer that is not in the website so what would i write on form: Network Administrator or Network Engineer??


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i want to know about noc & job. Whom i describe about job description. Please explane.
Ashraf Ali
noc code of canadian gov. (in reply to: NOC Code)
its reply for ur searach
jatinder singh
banking qualification (in reply to: NOC Code)
I have a diploma in banking from the institute of bankers of sri lanka i need to find out the equation in canada and if i can mention it in the resume
NOC code (in reply to: NOC Code)
Pls any idea what the NOC code for a site Administrator is? I don´t know if it is related to just an office administrator or construction manager.

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Submission Code (SX3146) Copy The Code From The Left found in the brackets
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