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Subject: Change of Profession
  i have applied for canadian PR as a Computer Programmer but after 2 years i have changed my profession because i completed my MBA degree and its been 5 years that i am working as a Manufacturing MAnager so is it gonna effect on my application because i have changed my profession ...befor i was computer programmmer with 2 years experience and now 5 years experience as a management.
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It is not going to do any harm to your application. All you have to do is to keep immigration authorities informed of the changes in your profile. Like in your application you mention your current profession and you provide a proof of employment as well. Just send them an updated information mentioning your file no. and proof of employment like appointment letter etc. and you are good. Today´s immigration is not basded on what you are doing or what you have been doing. As long as you have experience you are good to go.

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