Serious FBI record quest! arrest notification!

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Subject: Serious FBI record quest! arrest notification!
  I recently have applied to Singapore visa office for skilled Federal immigration. They have sent me a notification about the application being received and i have got a file number. Its going to take about 42-45 months according to them, which is OK with me as i am settling stuffs in my country and need time.

But my question is, when i was in USA for 8 years as a student (for my bachelors and masters) i had two incidents that should be in my FBI record when i will apply for one. I would like to share with you guys if these will make any problem for me when i will submit them to the visa officer.

1) After 9/11 happened, they FBI and immigration people practically went to every universities and investigate students. Once they have come to my house and took me in for two charges. One is for not being able to show up for registration when they asked us to and another was me being failure to notify them my change of address. However, i had the registration and had the registration number with me as well. But they were not convinced that, it was original. And the change of address rule was not into affect at that time. I am talking about sometime late 2003. they removed the law then. Anyway, they were in no mood to listen to me and took me in for 3 hours and then let me go asking me to appear at the court for trial for "deportation"! I went up there on scheduled date and talked with the judge and attorney general. They saw my paper from school officials and other evidences and got convinced that, i was at no fault and they terminate the case. And returned my passport within 3 days.

However, when they took me in they had taken finger print of mine and i am sure that is in their record. It will be on the report. Nothing criminal though.

2) I was once arrested for not paying traffic ticket (non moving violation - for expired registration on my car). It was out of city ticket, which i actually have paid through postal mail but according to them it never arrived there. So, they arrested me there and took finger print and was in there for 5-6 hours and later my friend came in to pay the fee and released me. This incident should be there as well. However, its 3rd degree misdemeanor crime to fail to pay traffic ticket. Nothing criminal as well.

Now, since i have applied simplified version of the application to Singapore, they will ask me for an interview after 45+ months (around 4 years), and i will be forthcoming and truthful to the visa officers about the situation. I have the court letter with me stating that, they have terminated the case. But the finger prints will be there and there was a deportation procedures against me, even though i won the case.

gurus, i am preparing for IELTS and other stuffs for this immigration procedures, but these two incidents are bugging me. There is absolutely nothing in my 8 years in USA, 4 years in Dubai and rest of the time in my native country, Bangladesh. What you guys think of these?? Please suggest me!!! It will at least give me some mental satisfaction, if i know that i would eligible or not for immigration to Canada.

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No one on an immigration board can tell you for sure whether these matters will affect your immigration or not, but I rather suspect that they will not, providing you are completely honest and provide evidence of being cleared in both instances. Having had an infraction on my record as well (though, I now realize it was so minor it may not have even shown up), I understand your worries, but honestly, don´t lose sleep over it. Proceed as though your immigration will go through. If CIC has questions, they will inquire when they need answers.

As long as you remain in good standing, and you are honest in every step of the process, you will likely get your fair opportunity.

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Sky Bhai,

Sorry to know your worries.

Most likely the charges you mentioned shouldn´t affect your application. Depends on the visa officer though. In the 1st case, you are in FBI data base, but with no conviction.

2nd charge was also nothing serious. I heard guys with more serious charge got imigration without any problem.

Good Luck.

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Hello aakash...
Well I just had to write to you to tell you that hopefully things will be okay for you...
I know exactly what you are talking about when you say: ´After 9/11 happened, they FBI and immigration people practically went to every universities and investigate students. Once they have come to my house and took me in for two charges.´... we had a similar experience happened to my husband... we also had a visit from the FBI which eventually led to my husband spending 46 days in jail and his deportation and for the rest of us (me and my two kids)to leave the US and start over in the UAE...
We requested our FBI records and it did show the arrest but it also mentioned that the arrest was for being out-of-status with immigration ... the Canadian gorvernment will most likely understand your situation since there was not fault on your part and it is only an immigration issue...
I am not sure about the ticket violation... but I am sure this will not be a major issue... (you may want to continue to ask about this...
We were just asked to get our medicals done this last December...we are about to send them to CIC London... I think you will be find... so don´t worry... there are some very knowlegeable people in this forum, if you need more details keep asking... I hope this helps...
Good luck to you...

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Thanks Fellas! it really helps!...Being there, make sure you keep me updated about your status!..

Hopefully, things will be ok... Its just 4 years in waiting and then a "NO" would be ....

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Sure thing... I think it will be a little while for us to get our final answer... I will for sure let everyone here know what happened...
Take care and good luck!

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I am a little puzzled by the intensity of concern here. Canada is actually a very criminal-friendly nation. Serious crimes here get youed only a slap on the wrist and a pardon. Vancouver has thousands of serious criminals from other provinces living happily ever after they left their original provinces. Only recently they start
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