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Subject: city employees
Does anyone know if immigrants can apply for jobs with the likes of the police or fire departments. Any advice appreciated
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Immigrants can apply for all federal & Provincial jobs.

However, for the federal jobs priority will be given to the full citizens before the PRs.

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Along the same lines, does anyone know what the requirements are for a federal clearance? We are looking for employment in Ottawa, and much of the type of work my husband does requires a clearance, as it could be at least indirectly used by the government (it seems all government jobs or government contract work apparently require this clearance). I suppose having just gone through a thorough background check for the PR process it isn´t anything to worry about, but I was wondering if anyone has any more information on what is required.
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Not Sure.

I would directly ask related HR officials who post the job postings.

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Thanks DC. I don´t think it´s a big deal; we´ve just been wondering.
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You need to be a citizen for the RCMP, other provincial forces may have different regs.
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depends on the level of clearence required. There are jobs that need a clearence and are available for PRs.

The RCMP is a good example of what you can´t do as a PR :)

But yes, the person posting the job (or a similar one) should know.

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PRs are OK to apply for city police & firefighters like jobs without any reservation.
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Right, PR immigrants can apply for any federal job.

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