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Subject: passport application
after i pass my citizenship test and attend the ceremony. how do i apply for a passport and how long does it normally take. the reason i ask is my PR card may expire. do i need to renew it or can i apply for a passport instead.
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Hi There, It took me four months until I have received my passport.
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If you do not need to leave Canada then no need for immediate passport or PR card renewal. If ypu take the oath then you are now a proud citizen. Your PR status now changed to citizen, so no question of PR card renewal.

Earlier it used to take 15 days to have the PP in hand even in ordinary service, now with the increasing volume it takes longer, like Samurai told.

However, in case of urgency, with the Air Ticket and valid reasons and paying some extra you can apply for emergency service, supposedly given within 2 days. Not sure now. May check their website.

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We just got our daughter´s passport in 5 days, but paid an extra $30. Could have had it in 48 hours (as DC said) but would have cost an extra $50, I think.

Standard service now (at least at the Montreal passport office) is 10 days. Big improvements have been made in the last 6 months.


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