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Subject: I need help!
  I had an interview last 3 months and a week later I received a letter from local office state that I need to send them 2 photo , a copy of my passport and do another medical test(because the first test was expired).So what is it mean?My application have been approved or not? I sent all request back to immigration 9 weeks already but still nothing.I dont know what going on?
I want to go back home right now because my grandmother not gonna live much longer.The doctor says she may leave this week or next week.I want to go home to see her last time but I dont have re-entry permit.What can I do now? I really wanna go home. Please give me some ideas.
Thanks all!

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your application sounds promising. not sure what can be done about a re-entry permit. Hopefully someone else can help. Sorry to hear about your grandmother.
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