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Subject: Red letter from CIC
  Dear all,

I had landed in Toronto in Oct with my family. While my family´s PR cards were received around Nov, there was no mail concerning me. In Jan I have received a letter on red paper informing me that my photo (sent before visa stamping) does not meet specifications. I have been asked to appear in person with new photos.

The problem is, I returned home a few days after landing and now cannot return without the PR card. Can you please advise what to do? Has this happened to anyone of you?

Many thanks.


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Do you have any pictures taken in Canada after landing according to the requirements? If not then:
The only way for you to have a one time PR entry visa from Canadian consulate in your country and re-enter for 50$.

CIC doesn´t accept any picture taken outside of Canada. So you can´t send picture from your home country.

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