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Subject: Should I be excited?
  Hello everyone... I just wanted to ask if anyone here has read the comments posted on:
The reason I ask is because in this forum we constantly read about how excited people are to come to Canada and how we are all counting the months, the days and are proud to post our time-lines to show others how far or how close we are to reaching our dreams... those ´lucky ones´ who land are quick to tell the rest of us how it was and how excited they are to have finally made it!
I myself, have just completed my medical reports and I´m about to send them along with payment for my ROPR fees...
I am wondering if anyone feels the way I do... now that the time for a definite answer seems to be getting closer... I find myself thinking if moving and starting over is really the answer for me...
Even though I am prepared to face hard times... and I often tell myself that we are doing this for the sake of our 3 children, I can´t help but to think that I might be making a mistake...
For me, if I get the chance to go to Canada, which in my mind is a wonderful country filled with friendly people, is something I must try... both my husband and I currently live in a country that is not our native country where it is almost impossible for people like us to own a home and where we can only stay if we are sponsored by our employer... my husband is from a middle-eastern country with a very bad reputation and I am from a south american country presently ruled by a crazy man and where crime rates are up to the roof! so the idea of going home is not in our minds... that is why we opted for Canada... to give our lovely kids a chance in life...
What do you think? Do you feel Canada will welcome us with open arms? Do you think our dreams will be shattered? Tell me what you think...
God Bless!

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first, as a Canadian... my I welcome you to your prospective new home.

I think it is natural to have a bout of panic. You are walking into the unkown with 3 children you are responsible for.

I don´t know if you have a destination city in mind but here are my thought - the US is going into a recession and in Ontario, 90% of the manufacturing jobs are reliant on the US markets. In BC it is about 60%. Toronto is the destination of choice for most immigrants - partly because the city is well know and because other family members have often moved there.

If poossible, I would suggest you consider other destinations to give yourselves better job opportunities. You have not said what sort of skills you and your husband have so it is hard to give you some suggestions about possible areas to locate.

As for being welcomed... I think you will discover a very different attitude towards immigrants in Canada. We have our fair share of people that think we allow too many people into the country but nobody ever suggests we build fences and close the doors. Most compainers simply dislike change and we are experiencing exactly that.

will your dreams be shattered? depends on your dreams! If you are seeking better opportunities for your children- I think you are making a wonderful decision. If you are looking for social acceptance - you will have it. If you are looking for political stability- you will have it. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a decent life for yourself - you are only limited by your nerve and your determination.

The hardest part may be getting used to our cold winters and learning to like hockey.

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Well you should ask that question to other immigrants, who have been living in Canada for some time, ..Not the Canadians, ...In order to enjoy life in Canada you do not have to enjoy, hockey or celebrate Christmas, or change your culture and religion... Once you get a good job, and send your kids to school I am sure you will enjoy your life.canadians in general are nice and friendly people.. but please do not belive in everything you hear or see in media about Canada, just some facts, we have thousands of homeless and you will be surprised to see those people sleeping in front of shops.. You can NOT find that number of homeless even in China where population is much higher... Simply if you do not have a job, the rocky mountains, those beautiful shops, the delicious food served in those asian restaurants means NOTHING!!... make up your mind and research the employment opportunities here in Canada, and please talk to your people not Canadians!!! No canadian can understand how much an immigrant is suffering in Canada no matter they are nice, friendly or good people...I have been here almost for 3 years and honestly that was the biggest mistake I have ever made!!! but since kids are school and enjoying their life I simply can not go back but one day for sure will go back even the life in my country is tough...

good luck man

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That greatly depends on your skill, how you can make yourself to be eligible for the job market (SW class has nothing to do in Canadin workplace) networking and above all good luck. In short, like Sharon said, depends on your expectation level.

If you can be satisfied with any type of work regardless of your career then it is the best decision that you should be excited about.

Canada is a nice country to settle with the family, like Sharon said, people are friendly, if not so then at least not hostile. Social security is excellent. Only negative thing is the professional job market, which as an immigrant is a tough nut to crack. Becasue of this only negative side, all of the good sides of Canada can be overshadowed, depending on how you see yourself. By now most likely you got 2 opposite theories about the Canadian dream. Two theories are divided on this jon issue. If you can overcome this by any mean, then you´ll get the paradise, if not then have to sacrifice a lot for the sake of your children.

Canadian cold may be harsh, but it is not that bad that you have to leave the country given a good job in your field. Millions of immigrants there living happily without having ABC of ice hockey, though it is always good to minngle with the mainstream culture.

Like the last poster say, I would also recommend you to communicate within your own immigrants community, specially the recent ones in your field. Only they can provide you useful information.

Good Luck.

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coming to Canada or any other country for that matter = starting over. Don´t expect anything different.

Nobody is suggesting you need to forfeit your religion, culture or anything else for that matter. The hockey comment was a joke.

I meet successful immigrants and those who are not. Those who are not are often those who were doing well exactly where they were living but want more. Sadly, ´more´ can be elusive and disappointing. More often than not, those same people had status at home and come to a country where white collar jobs are no big thing to get excited about. Canada can be tough on the ego in that regard.

If you and your husband can give yourselves room and time to get established and into the job you actually want - you will be absolutely fine.

I have a friend from this forum that came to Canada just over a year ago from Turkey. It took him 3 months to get a steady job that was in his field but has taken him just over a year to get the job he would really like. He has been patient and has no regrets.

Should I be excited? (in reply to: Should I be excited?)
Wow, thanks a lot for your comments... I´ll keep on reading, on hoping, and on posting...
Thanks, really!

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