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Subject: Police Certificate of Character
  I don´t know if anyone has any experience with this. But I recently received a letter from CIC informing that I have to submit a police certificate of character from England (where I studied for 5 months, 12 days) by the 5 February 2008, but I only received the letter on the 19 December 2007. The letter also states that if I do not submit the information requested, then my application will be refused. As a footnote it states that I should inform them before the 5 February if I cannot obtain the certificate indicating a date that I will be able to submit it. UK police takes forty days to process police certificate, so I cannot submit by the 5 Feb. I have sent a letter to CIC requesting until the 30 April 2008 to submit this info. I am now wondering if this will be OK with them and I can submit the police certificate when I receive it, which I am hoping will be in late February, or they will the just refuse my application. I sent an e-mail asking them if they approved the timeframe I indicated, but they havn´t responded. Someone please help!
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