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Subject: Immigration from Germany
  Hi everybody,

I´ve got a couple specific questions. I´m ukrainian guy who lives in Germany but with ukrainian citizienship. I´m graduating now in Germany (Industrial Engineering in Manufacturing and Logistics - Wirtschfaftsingenierwesen) and I´ve been working in automotive industry as research assistat fpr more than 3 years part-time. In March I begin with my internship in Munich (unfortunately my corporation doesn´t produce in Canada) and though I´ve got interesting job offers here I still want to move to Canada and therefore I´m looking for interesting opportunities.
1. If I´m ukrainian, but live in Germany, can I apply in Germany for Skilled Professionals Program too or must I go back to Ukraine - I noticed that for some PNPs there´re application forms specifically for ukrainians, but in my case I´ve got a lot of certificates from Germany (and in German)
2. I get a german diploma degree - it´s "classical" degree, that was replaced by BS/MS couple years ago before I had started to study. What is corresponding degree in Canada - Bachelor is almost half valuable as Diploma but Diploma is not the MS either...
3. There´re a lot of job fairs here in Germany for truck drivers, construction workers etc. But nothing for young professionals. I guess there´s just another way for these people..? The most of PNPs require a job offer, are there any recruiting offices who look for foreign engineers, maybe you know some who operate in Germany?


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My input on some of your questions.

If you have legal status in Germany for at least one year, you can apply from Germany through the Canadian Embassy in Berlin. Optionally, you can also apply through the Embassy in Kyiv. But processing times will be much faster in Germany.

European university diplomas don´t match exactly with American/Canadian bachelors and masters degrees. Use the following to calculate your education points:

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Hi Richard,

thanks for the your reply. I was told by friend of mine, that german diploma is equivalent to MS (at least for australian professional engineer association, I don´t, how it looks in Canada).
"You have a master?s degree or PhD and at least 17 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study." - I hope it corresponds to diploma, because you attend 5 years university and 13 years school, but I´m not sure.

Anyway processing times for federal programs are extremely long, even in Germany, therefore I´m going to look for opportunities in PNP.

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I would agree with you regarding diploma. My wife has a European undergraduate diploma and we indicated and qualified for masters in our application. Canada grants more points for European university diplomas than the U.S. or Canadian, because of the additional years in study.

Yes, PNP will be even faster. But I would apply in Germany rather than Ukraine.

All the best and good luck in the application.

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