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Subject: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?
  Hello there,
I have applied to Buffalo and got my file number in Aug. I got the medical request today.
I am living in Downtown Toronto.
I wanna know somebody who can give me advice about which doctor that I can use his service.
My concerns are:
1- How fast this doctor will send my file to Buffalo? (I have one friend whjo has a bad experience with a docotor who keep his file for a month before sending it).
2- How much it will cost? (I have to do for a family of 4 including me)
Thanks alot

Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Abdelra
Be aware (in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)

Be clever to choose your doctor. Some of them are very irresponsible and can mess up your medical result.

First thing, call doctor office and ask if they can give you a tracking number when they mail your medical result to Ottawa. I suggest you to go to a doctor who can provide you a tracking number. Otherwise,sometimes medical result can be lost.

(in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
All of my clients use this Doctor.
Toronto (area) Abbas Hadian 1110 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 203, Willowdale, ON, M2K 2W2


On the subway line. Go to the new Sheppard Line and head east get off one stop before Leslie and walk down hill on the North side of Sheppard.


medical exam (in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
Hello there

Can someone tell me how much this medical exam will cost?.

thank you

adriana leon
Cost (in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
It´s between $138 to $200.
You better call them to find out how much they charge.

(in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
abbas is a good doctor for PR

in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO? (in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
If you check rate my doctor website, people say Abbas is a terrible doctor. He only looks after your money. Rude with minimal knowledge. Is that true? anyone with real experience?
doctors costs (in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
i know vincent pinilla is the cheapest at $138 but i live in YORK REGION does anyone know a doctor that charges the same in YR(richmondhill, thornhill or markham even scarborough is not too far)?
(in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
Hi Ahmed. Which doctor did you finally choose? how was him/her? I would appreciate your comments since I am going through the same process now. Thanks.
PR (in reply to: Medical in Downtown TORONTO?)
pls i am looking for doctor to PR medical exam.thank u
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