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Subject: Buffalo email
Does anyone know the email address for the Buffalo consulate. Do they respond to emails generally?
Buffalo email (in reply to: Buffalo email)
Hey Anonymous
It goes as:


Yes they reply in a day or two

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Thanks Rahim,


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For General enquiry:

For case specific Enquiry use the link below:

im inquire ducuments fo PR.. (in reply to: Buffalo email)
hello gud am,i just want to inquire my documents is already there im applying for a permanent residence,how is going on my processing is everything satisfaction with my papers..ds my client id.6062-5589..thank you so much and god bless.....send my email addresse:antaforeverztat@yahoo.com
permanent residence (in reply to: Buffalo email)
i just want to follow up my status im apllying a permanent residence,just let me know if u recieve already my documents i send last december 2009,thank you so much..pls.reply this is my email add:dyzal_81@yahoo.com
zaldy laurel
re-entry visa (in reply to: Buffalo email)
hello,i just want to know about my application for re-entry visa, please let me know if you receive my documents i send it last february 10, 2010.i´m worried now a days and i do apologize because i have no knowledge that i have to attach my employer´s letter,one of my friends told me about the letter but i send it already,please advice me what to do.pls reply, my email add ronlyn_512@yahoo.com.thank you so much and God bless....
Lynda Duno
application for visa (in reply to: Buffalo email)

I, KATHLEEN MYRTH COLCOL, applying for a single entry VISA to go back home in the philippines for a vacation. I mailed my application on JANUARY 26, 2010, enclosed with my passport,bank draft with the amount of US$75,supporting letter from my employer,and my letter.
On february 1,2010, i received a call from you that i sent an incomplete application and you told me to send the application for the TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA and i sent it the following day FEBRUARY 2, after i received a call from you. And now i received a letter that i didnt send my passsport and my payment which is i already sent last week of january. I dont know wat to do if you lost my passport.
Im hoping you find it otherwise im in trouble.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for you time and and effort, and for your kind consideratio.



Single re-entry visa (in reply to: Buffalo email)
Dear Madam/SIR:I Julie co,applying for a single entry visa,I submitted all the documents,and one day i received a letter dated february 12 came from you that my payment is wrong address,i apologized for that and i send back immediately a money order payable to CANADIAN CONSULATE GENERAL the following day.Sir/Madam im worried becausemy flight is March 22,2010 until now i did not yet receive my passport,please help me GOD BLESS TO ALL...pls.reply me my e-mail juliemar1992@yahoo.ca
julie co
V100300527-file no.passport .noXX4035296 (in reply to: Buffalo email)
Dear Sir/madam

Good day!I send my application together with my passport for re-entry visa..last February 21, 2010...until now i did not receive my passport. I will be having my vacation on April 12, 2010..i emailed buffalo inquiry they said they send to Canada March 11, 2010 but until now i did not receive. I email post Canada they said they are not responsible for that because the origin is from U.S..I email again the enquiry regarding the post office the last time it was tract but no response..Hope you can help me..my vacation is on Monday already..thank you!!

Dolores B. Tugade
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Do you folks realize this is not a government of Canada website?

Who are the Sir/Madam you are addressing exactly ?