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Subject: Sposering Spouse Option C printout

I want to sponser my wife she is living outside Canada

I am working as contract employee with an employer and i have following situations:

--->I am getting Total sum of amount without deducting the Tax

--->I Filed my tax as Self employed and received Notice of Assesment

--->My Net Income is 21,000

--->Same time through the company which iam working Iam doing a
Appriticeship Training and Board of College & Univerties paying some benefit to Employer(not me)[i think this is some sort of employemnt related benefit that employer getting through Apprenticeship program)

here is my question :

1. Is my above specified net income is enough for spose sponsership ?

2. Is Option C print out reflects iam receiving the benefit through employer and Id yes this will effect my sponseship application ?

3. I have notice of assessment, But i dont have pay stubs because iam giving invoice to employer and getting pay cheque. In this case If iam not attacting Option C printout any problem in that?

4. I can get letter of employment from employer, Letter of employment + Notice of Assessment is enough for Submit Application

Please advice me how i can move

Thanks in advance

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there is no income requirement for spousal sponsorship
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Send in your Notice of assessment all will be fine.


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