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Subject: processing time.
  Hi all,
Is there a website that shows the AOR date of applications considered for initial assessment? To put the same question in a different way, Do any one knows the AOR dates of the applications that are processed in January 2008?

I had applied to the London office in the skilled workers catagory thrugh simplified procedure in July 2006. My AOR estimates a minimum of 45 months for initial assesment. But the time frames shown in the CIC website suggests that the waiting period could be as low as 31 months. Any comments?

sorry for my poor english!

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The CIC website shows the processing that was done in the past, i.e. they are historical. What you see in your AOR letter is what the London High Commission estimate would happen in the future based on the number of application (90,000 applications in London), number of case workers, and other considerations. Also, keep in mind that the low end (31 months) is for people that have job offers, PNP applications and had a straight forward application. If your application is without a job offer, no PNP sponsorship or is complicated, it may take longer.

You may want to check the following site where applications have entered their timelines to get an idea:


Ray Masa
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Thank you Mr.Ray. Your reply was really useful.

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