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  Long story wife of 7years is a permanent resident of Canada and an American Citzen. I am Canadian. I won´t get into the details of it all but she was found guilty of manslaughter recently and will be going to a federal prison in Canada for up to 5 years time.

Of course we do have alot of problems in our relationship because of this and hopefully someday we can work it out. My question is....what happens after she serves her time? Will she be deported to the States no questions asked or do they review her situation. Shes not really close to her family and they are all scattered they can´t just drop her off without anywhere to go can they? Would there be any grounds to fight a removal order or would it just be easier for me to immigrate to the States eventually.

Any input positive or negative would be helpful to ease my mind...Thanks

Concerned Husband
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Due to the length of the potential sentence there is little you can do.


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