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Subject: second medical- Permanent residence
  Hi there,
I hope you will help me

I have one question,
Who do write a letter to PR applicant if there is problem in first medical test? I mean Ottawa or Buffalo office?

If medical reports received, which is updated in ECAS recently, - does it mean that the applicant is medically fit or eligible? Or still Buffalo office may ask to do second medical text? I presume that once Buffalo office received the medical report, it means that the person is medically fit.

I am so curious to know because I have been waiting PR since long time. I don?t want to spend more time. Thanks for your time and information.

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You receive the letter from the medical office in Ottawa or wherever your reports were sent to (around 6-12 weeks). Once your status in e-cas is updated to "Medical results have been received", you are done with your medical part as far as medical problems are concerned. However, if the visa issuance is delayed and your initial medical results expire then you may be asked to undergo the medical examination again.
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