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Subject: Refused permanent resident needs help
  Needs some one help.
I got a refuse for permanent resident under paragraph A40 mentioning that I misrepresent of my application under paragraph 40(1)(a)!!!! from Canadian embassy in Egypt after I got Certificat de selection du quebec from damascus.
I did not misrepresent my application. I am divorced and my Ex-Husband sent fake documents to the embassy. First they issue a letter for me and gave me till 4/2/2008 to reply to the letter sent by them, but they did not wait, today they send me refusal letter. Can I appeal or is their any lawyer over there who can help my case.

Another issue they stamped my passport with visa and when my husband send them fake documents they phoned me asking for my passport and when I went to the embassy, they withhold my passport at the embassy.

I do not what to do, please help.

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