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Now you came to the point. At least expressed why you can?t agree with me though I don?t think you really read my earlier points.

First of all, power of Statistics is well accepted, our daily life is controlled by that very much. So, no point of saying that Statistics are useless. Like any science, it can be manipulated or utilized in a biased manner. I took some Stat courses in my Grad program and was amazed by the power of this.

You are still boxed in the point of ?Foreign Credential Accrediation? issue. I also attacked that. Don?t know about Germany. But know very well about USA and Australia. If that is the issue then why immigrant unemployment is so high in Canada with respect to USA and Australia? Why the accreditation issue doesn?t play the deadly role in USA or Australia? I keep asking that and you aren?t going there. Do immigrants get accreditation right after landing there? Or in Canada by some magical way they all become lazy..effortless..forget English? May be there are Canadian employers shutting down their business but they can?t hire immigrant workers with foreign degree? NZ situation is similar to Canada. Their immigrant intake is also more than that they can absorb and similar trend is observed there. Similar in the way also there is a tendency of moving to Australia from NZ.

Did you know that immigrant unemployment problem is getting serious after 90s? So all of a sudden Canadian employers are aware of the foreign bad quality degrees?

Did I ever say that Canada has poor or bad economy? Let Canada decides its own economy, that?s their right. I?ve nothing to say there. All my point is, it can?t accept that much of immigrants. Plain & clear. Well established by many Stats..reports?even by some prominent Canadian researchers. Look what Statcan reported recently;; ??StatCanada recently reported that; for every 10% increase in the population from immigration, wages in Canada are now reduced by 4% on average (with the greatest impact to more skilled workers, such as workers with post-graduate degrees whose wages are reduced by 7%).?. See how important immigration is? To reduce your salary. I don?t know when people will wake up.

I don?t care how well or bad their economy is. US economy is many times larger than Canada. Isn?t it? You agree or not job opportunities are way way better there. Say, from today USA starts taking 250,0000 immigrants every year (like Canada) then what would we expect. ?No American experience = no jobs, doctors driving cabs..mopping floor?. If you eat more than you can digest then no matter how big your stomach is or how good the food is you?ll have to vomit. That is why you?ll find a high number of Canadians overseas, lets not talk about the PRs.

Did I ever claim that, Mr. Bill is not really happy in Canada? He just pretends to be happy. Did I? Then why the did you ask me; ?Being one of the richest nations in the world, with a very low crime rate and my personal experience is the opposite of what you think, what do you expect me to say??? You are happy, that?s fine. So do many thousands. I have my own sisters..relatives ..some happy some unhappy. That?s not the point. Point is whether Canada can really support that high number of immigrants as they bring every year. Believe it or not, on the other side, some Canada lovers always suspect that to me, that I?m in fact very bad in USA and pretend to be happy. I can?t find anything other than ?Childish? for them.

Please don?t bring the discussion anymore into how good or bad Canada is, try to concentrate more on whether it can support or does it really need that much of immigrants.

Like You, I also truly believe than Canada really has lot of potentials, It is one of the most natural resourceful country in the world but not being able to explore it´s potential fully. To me this is similar to we all have some very genious guys in our classroom who in the long run can´t proceed much according to their merits, and sometimes go astray.

Thanks for your comments anyway and the nice way of responding.

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