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Subject: sponsoring?reuniting?
  Im hoping somebody with the applicable knowledge can help me!
I have been granted canadian permanent residence recently and am in the process of moving with my immediate family from south africa to canada.
BUT, I have a boyfriend here whom I love dearly and am wanting to come with us.

Is sponsoring him the only way to do so?

He would be able to work in canada, because he is old enough and has working experience, BUT if he doesnt get a job offer/work permit, are there other ways of him joining me in canada??

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

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you need to be very careful how you do this. First of all, are you the principle applicant? sounds like you are the dependent of a skilled worker applicant. correct?

how old are you?

the only way you can help your boyfriend can come to Canada is if you sponsor him once you get to Canada. You will need to be living common law for one year or be married.

CAUTION - claiming this status at this point in time would likely disqualify you from being part of your family PR application.

I would strongly discourage this route - far too many ways to get yourself in trouble.

look into the idea of your boyfriend coming for a visit - he can´t work while he is here but perhaps he can arrange a job offer. he would still need to return home to complete the paperwork.

I can´t remember if South Africa requires a visa.

whatever you do... be very careful. You don´t want a wrong move to jeopardize your own status.

Sponsoring a nice (in reply to: sponsoring?reuniting?)
I´d like to sponsor my 10 year old nice from Cambodia to live Vancouver, BC and adopt her as my own child. My husband and I are Canadian citizens and we both have jobs. We´ve been married for 13 years and don´t have any kid. We would like to sponsor her here and raise her as our old child. Is it possible for both of us to sponsor her here? What should I do?

Your helps would be much appreciated.


Daviyan Rath
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Adoption is a huge issue. If both of the parents of your neice are alive it will not work. You have to sponsor according to BC law and Cambodian Law.


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