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Subject: Medicals received
  I applied from USA SW category on Aug 2007 and I received the IA today (Jan 25 2008) and the medical forms.

My son has a developmental delay. If for some reason my application is rejected due my son´s medical issue, would CIC return the Right of permanent residence fee ($980) to me??

I am moving out of the US in 2 weeks, please let me know.

Thanks for your help.

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Yes, your RPRF fee will be refunded in case your application is not approved.
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Thanks Anonymous.

I have another question. CIC has asked me to pay the RPRF along with medical. Is it mandatory to pay it now? Or can I pay it after a decision is made on my medicals?

The reason is, I am 50-50 on my medicals due to my son´s austism issue.


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You can delay and send the remaining documents requested. Some people actually are asked in the end to pay RPRF but you have to let them know that you are still pursuing the file and will be sending the RPRF later.
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I wonder if a child is autistic (as my child) he or she can have the possibility to get a PR visa along with the parents. The parent (mother or father)is the main applicant and the child is a dependant. The child may need special education but he is not sick and has nothing contagious. In my case the doctors at Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago will evaluate my aplication in July maybe. Just have faith that doctors grant the application, I will. Keep in touch.
Dan Lea?o
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I know it must be difficult for you... but, have faith and hopefully everything will turn out okay for you and your family... Good Luck!
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Thanks Dan and Lily. Let me see how it goes.
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