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Subject: Immigration is Business in every sense
  Immigration is as much business for the government of Canada as it is for the immigration lawyers, consultants and so on. If it is not, Canada needs to abolish the landing fees and needs to drastically cut down the processing fees. If my knowledge is correct, it costs less than 200$ to file the paperwork in the US and nothing else for the rest of the process. Skilled folks in the US are expected to secure employment prior to filing their application with INS and then maintain employability throughout the process. This maybe the reason why the US has exceedingly high retention rates of its skilled immigrants than Canada. I can´t dig up any cases of disgruntled skilled immigrants in the US who left that country. They may leave for other reasons, such as overwhelming bills or warrants. If our government has any intention to retain its skilled immigrants, I do not see how that can be done unless the immigration policy is changed to resemble that of the US. On the part of the immigrants, however, they should have enough common sense to realize that at no point during the entire process does Canada promise, much less guarantee, employment or the usefulness of their credentials.

The premises that immigration is just business for our Government comes from the fact that our government advertises in the media abroad and has elaborate, albeit commercial, means of disseminating info regarding the lucrativeness of Canada as a destination. The US, however, does not put out such commercials abroad or home. It is one thing when you market your country as a touristic destination and entirely different when you market it as a place to settle.

El Dorito
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El Dorito,

Well said. Though correction for the US immigration fees. They are much higher than the Canadian ones. 200$ fees days are over long back. An emloyment based Green Card process may take around 10,000 $, min´m 6000$. Though their DV lottery system is completely free.

Main point is not that. Lets US to deal with thier policy how they want. Point is the failure of the current Canadian immigration process.

A little depth investigation of Canadian immigration system tells either Govt. has no idea about the reality or something must be very wrong.

By pointing those I was already marked as Anti-Canadian Canada Basher...I´m afraid similar fate is waiting for you too.

"Immigration is badly needed for the country, boosts economy, we have serious skill shortage!"

Reality: "StatCan recently reported that; for every 10% increase in the population from immigration, wages in Canada are now reduced by 4% on average (with the greatest impact to more skilled workers, such as workers with post-graduate degrees whose wages are reduced by 7%).?

See how important immigration is? To reduce your salary. I don?t know when people will wake up. Some people never as they have their ego larger than even Canada to apprehend any faults of their Govt.

Why the so called "Skill Shortage"? Few Eamples:

"Royal Bank of Canada wants Ottawa to introduce 400,000 potential RBC clients into Canada each year"

"Housing boom artificially supported by mass immigration is hurting the poor, study should say"

Enjoy and be vocal to raise the immigration level, help to redeuce your own income and raise the living cost.

Good Luck

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I am about as clean as a Canadian cane be, in terms of being born here, doing my service in the Canadian military and so forth. Internet aside, if anyone throws any of that ´you are less or anti-Canadian´ crap to my face, I will certainly split their jaws. However, I am no fanatic lover of my country. In fact, I fought several times during my military service, several different lowlives, by refusing to salute the British queen. I do not subscribe to their belief that she is my queen. I have no prob with the old witch being the ruler of England, however. That is just me. I think the Americans got it right when it comes the skill based immigration. Hell, even the Brits got it right: In Britain they have the so-called exceptionally skilled person immigration! These folks basically are like all those Ph.D.s trying to come over here.
El Dorito
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El Dorito,

Some people because of their complex mix up fanaticism and patriotism.

Supporting good Govt. policy is patrotism. Supporting wrong policy and making all lame excuses to back it is fanaticism.

Americans who staged street procession aganist the Iraq war weren´t criticized as "Anti-American" or "America Hater". Bush Didn´t listened to them but at least he or his allies never depcited them as so. If I speak against wrong Canadian immigration policy and show proof by several well established Canadian sources then I become "Canada Hater".

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your memory is short. Anti war protesters were strongly labled un-patriotic. Questioning the US in any way was considered treason for quite some time.

We will have this discussion forever DC. You will continue to find every article and stats that supports your personal experience. Anything contrary will be un-scientific and worthless.

No problem. You are fully entitled to your experience and your perspective. I wish you would be able to accept that the other side of the equation has equal merit - but that is not how you think nor what you need to rationalize what has happened to you and some of your friends.

there is absolutely nothing I will ever say or do that will change your mind. Likewise, there is nothing you are going to say or do that will change my perspective about Canada and what it has to offer.


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Sometimes I can´t refrain from LOL. I rarely give my personal experience to convince anybody. It is more you; by showing how your Turkish friend got a break through...How someone is looking for 13/15$ store clerk in BC and hence reach a decision that Canada is in dire need of professional immigrants.

I keep reuesting you to present "the other side of the equation has EQUAL merit". That equal merit so far was limited within Turkish Guy, 13/15$ store clerk or at best 33 years lowest unemployment..highest loonie type logic.

I guess and hope that you have good logic with equal merit which explains more than twice unemployment rate, 35.8% poevrty rate of immigrants in Canada.

In USA/Australia they are doing much better, even better than the natiopnal level? May be. Because particularly in Canada immigrants become lazy, effortless, get much higher expextation, confine in 3 particular cities, forget English....Very Sad.

I wonder sometimes you also forget yourself and unintentionally echo myself. Just few days ago you stated that; "It is not helping anyone and quite honestly (even if it sounds crass) if Canada is not gaining anything in this immigration scenario, there is no purpose to do it.

There is also no purpose is encouraging people to come with skills we have in over supply and it just so happens that they are at the top of the pile. It is not ethical. Don?t lead people to believe they will automatically have work because they achieved 67 points."

May be because of my endless "lame excuses" and sad face you showed some sympathy to me. That is possible.

What you say or I say doesn´t matter. Does it? Important is what is the fact. Your last quoted statement proofs very well that you also know the truth. So I´m not returning your word; "there is absolutely nothing I will ever say or do that will change your mind." No need to do so as you already know the truth.

Why not you try to change Mr. El Dorito´s opinion instead? Why as a proud member of Canadian Army he is feeling like me? I´m loser, immigrant, Canada about him?

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