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Subject: Immigration Marriage
I am sure you must get a 1000´s of these questions, so, I apologize.
I have been dating a Korean Woman that lived here in Victoria, BC
since May of ´07. We were planning on getting married this summer, but
unforeseen circumstances have happened. I´ll explain below.

She doesn?t have a permanent resident. She´s here on a student
Visa that is expiring in June.
Since she moved here in January, she has open a Korean Restaurant in
Downtown Victoria. Since then, she has applied for a permanent resident visa,
but was recently rejected.
Together with her Sister, they have invested approximately 250.000 dollars into
the restaurant, and if she isn´t able to get a permanent resident visa, she will have
to move back to Korea and loose everything she has invested.

What can we do?

I´d appreciate if you would get back to me asap.

Thank you,

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Marry her IMMEDIATELY and hire a good immigration lawyer. If you lose time by writing on these forums and contemplating, it will only get worse. What you both need is to get the appointment with the court and tie the knot in front of a judge and get the certificate. Go from there.
El Dorito
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let me see if I understand this-
-Korean girl comes to Canada on a student visa that expires in June 08.
-6 months before her visa is up she invests $250,000 in a restaurant.
- she is now your girlfriend

-immigration has turned down her immigration application- do they say why?

why would anyone risk $250,000 on the chance they are approved to stay in the country???

there is no appeal on a Skilled Worker application and the entrepreneurial class takes several years to approve from outside the country. $250,000 is not enough to qualify.

as the boyfriend - are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? If you have live with your girlfriend for a year you could sponsor her as common law. If you married her you could begin sponsorship right away.

BUT - CIC will take one look at her visa refusal and think it is a relationship of convenience so she can remain in the country. You would have to work very hard to prove your relationship is genuine and even then - it may not get approval. Inland applications are taking about 18 months and there is no appeal.

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Yes, i am Canadian Citizen.
Reason for rejection?
Single and operation a business in what she has no previous experience in.
She was a HR Manager in Korea.

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if you are going to attempt the sponsorship route I would recommend so assistance given the rare circumstances.
Who? (in reply to: Immigration Marriage)
Who would you recommend?
What are my responsibility as a sponsor?


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as sponsor you will sign an undertaking with the Canadian government that you will look after your partner for 3 years from the date of landing. If they collect any sort of government services (welfare) the Canadian government will come collecting from you.

do not take this step lightly. If you don´t love her - don´t do it! If this is not a long term relationship - don´t do it.

There is no guarantee that she will be approved and this takes a long time. She has made some bad choices and rescuing her comes with a significant price.

there is no guarantee her business will succeed either!

what was she thinking!!!!!

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This scenario is so like sooooo many others who come to Canada and make a refugee claim (fail) then file an application for leave to appeal, (fail) then a Humanitarian and Compassionate application, (fail) then just before they are asked to submit a Pre Removal Risk Assessment they get married!

So lets say your intentions are true. How are you going to try to prove her intentions are true and that the two of you are in a real relationship?

Keep thinking!


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